SkilSure Mobile App

Take Competency With You

Now, with our SkilSure Xpress app, apprentices can quickly document and record evidence of achievement on the go. The evidence is stored locally and encrypted on their smartphone and is uploaded automatically to the SkilSure solution when an internet signal is found. Evidence of apprentice competency is stored in the SkilSure database and is monitored by supervisors and managers.

Apprentice Progress Tracking

Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Future!

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Skill-based training is what apprenticeship is all about, and tracking a worker's progress in attaining those skills is what SkilSure is all about. Our customizable software helps employers to streamline the apprenticeship process by eliminating messy and complicated paper tracking systems. Breaking down the knowledge and technical skills a worker needs into concrete units, you can easily see how effective the training is and identify skills gaps. Using SkilSure's innovative mobile app, workers, supervisors and journeypeople can upload evidence of learning linked to a specific skill from anywhere at any time.


Track Hours and Skills

We make the changeover easy

  • Dashboard
  • Database integration
  • Integrated Testing
  • Easy to learn
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • 30+ standard reports
  • Eco Friendly


Many useful standard reports (reporting real time data).
User-friendly graphical reports on learner activity and progress.
Detailed reporting in real time on learner progress (select up to 15 data-points from a relational database).
Custom reporting available.

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