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SkilSureThe SkilSure® QCF/NVQ e-portfolio solution has been rigorously evaluated by City & Guilds and has been endorsed by them. It is compatible with their QCF/NVQ process and quality requirements.

SkilSureThe SkilSure® has been evaluated against Edexcel’s standards and has been found to meet them. SkilSure® is an Edexcel approved e-portfolio.

"It’s much more than an e-portfolio now; it really manages the whole ITQ qualification. It’s a really good product."

- Elaine Agnew
ICT Programme Manager, Coventry City Council

"Our management team now has a wider range of management information. We can see overall how our learners are progressing that's just not available on paper-based systems."

- Colin McDermid
Development Manager, British Gas Academy
What is ITQ Plus?

ITQ Plus is a new package provided by City & Guilds, which gives centres ITQ (the QCF/NVQ for IT Users) with the SkilSure® QCF/NVQ e-portfolio for a competitive rate. Just register your candidates on the ITQ Plus complexes (4322-21/22/23) and, as well as being able to do ITQ, they'll have access to a fantastic e-portfolio system at a special price which includes the registration on City & Guilds ITQ and the cost of the SkilSure® e-portfolio. You will still need to register your learners' details with SkilSure®.

ITQ is suitable for anybody who uses IT as part of their job or when studying non-IT subjects. Its flexible structure means that it can be adapted for almost any workplace or job. It's a points-based qualification, so each unit has been given a value depending on the complexity and level of its content. The units cover a range of skills including everyday applications, such as word processing and using e-mail but there are also units covering faultfinding, for example maintenance and security for IT users.

How Does the SkilSure® e-Portfolio Work?

SkilSure® QCF/NVQ is an online QCF/NVQ management solution, endorsed by City & Guilds. It's a web-based e portfolio, which requires no special skills to use and no new software to be installed. SkilSure® provides a secure, password controlled environment where candidates make plans, record progress and store evidence of achievement. The ITQ portfolio is accessible anytime, anywhere, with a computer and Internet connection.

SkilSure®'s e-portfolio provides documentary evidence of the candidate's achievements as they work towards completing their City & Guilds ITQ. It tracks learners' progress against the ITQ and allows mentors and supervisors to support candidate development, builds and maintains candidates' portfolios of evidence to support their accomplishment, and allows assessors and verifiers controlled access to review, appraise and comment on the evidence that's been submitted.

Try Before You Buy

See the difference that ITQ Plus will make to the way you run your IT Qualifications! SkilSure® will allow your organisation's assessors and candidates FREE access to the ITQ plus e-portfolio for 30 days before requiring you to register candidates with City & Guilds.

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Visit the Product Centre and run the ITQ plus web demos to learn more about the solution.

E-mail to register for the 30 day FREE trial or phone +44 (0) 1509 415 884.

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